Thursday, April 26, 2012

life in a creative house : part 2

Almost twelve months ago to the day we had a major dog drama when Oona one of our 12 month olds pups swallowed a sewing needle - all ended well if you discount the $3700.00 vet bill for suregery.

Last week, the same little darling caused more grief by eating a cotton reel including the cotton - another potentially fatal situation.  Of course I did'nt notice the thread pertruding from her mouth until 9 o'clock that night - she had eaten dinner and was otherwise normal - and so another emercency dash to the vet centre ensued.    She had thankfully survived further surgery - endoscope only this time and some 5 hours later we were on the way home $1100.00 poorer.

We are seriously doggy and live in a virtual state of siege in case she or they find something they shouldn't - chairs on tables, endless vaccuming and lots of plastic boxes for work in progress - but I think we will be taking the vets advice and trialing a basket muzzle for Oona when shes on the hunt.

 This is Finnigan, Patrick and the hunter on the Oona