Wednesday, August 24, 2011

asylum seeker project....

I'm interested in finding ways to support asylum seekers living in various situations across Melbourne.
For example, there is an up coming exhibition and sale of hand made goods which will raise funds to help the work of the Brigidine Order.

the group behind this project was kindly given lots and lots and lots of wool of varying types, qualities and colors and as a creative way of using this wool and to help people get started, we decided to focus on a bird theme for the exhibition…birds being a global symbol of hope and survival. The details are above.

Birds also come in innumerable shapes and sizes meaning people of various skill levels can join in and make up something truly original.   There is no right or wrong.  You can make any type of birdy creature – invent your own species – knit, crochet, sew, patchwork, appliqué, embroider.  The more appealing or crazier the better.  After all we want visitors to the show to find your work too irresistible to resist and to go home with a new treasure.  

To kick start your contributions I've rolled up the various wool into smaller balls and combined them in mini - packs of coordinated colours and trims ..each will make at least one knitted or crocheted bird or several tiny birds.  You can pick these up at ak traditions in Hawksburn. 

I’ve included a little collection of bird patterns – these all come from the internet. They give you an idea of the many bird options out there. If you Google knitted bird patterns, free to download you’ll find many more. The patterns are not related to any specific pattern... the idea being you can add purchased wool or wool from your stash.  .